[icq-devel] direct connections behaviour when using a proxy

rad2k rad2k at mail.ru
Thu Dec 12 02:50:34 CET 2002

f**k! that would explain my small problem :).
Thanks a lot for taking the time to reply. So, unless the network is designed to allow
incoming forwarded tcp connections, DC's are impossible with mirabilis clients configured
to use a proxy for connecting to the icq servers. I mean, if the proxy itself doesn't have
direct connection to the internet, we are in a lil problem.

thanks a lot again, 
btw, isnt there protocol support for enabling DC on the client itself? probably isn't if
you didnt mention it.

Agh, anyway. Thanks!.


On Wed, 11 Dec 2002 19:38:15 +0100
Mark van Cuijk <webmaster at phedny.zzn.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Yes, I do understand what's going on. I'll describe one detail a little more.
> Since ICQ is configured to connect throught a proxy server, it will not only use this proxy for connections to the ICQ network, but also for direct connections. Not only 
> outbound (which are functioning actually the same as a connections to the network), but also inbound, in which case it asks the proxy to open a port.
> So actually, it's the proxy which listens for connections and not the ICQ client.
> Take this with a pinch of salt, ICQ might be listening on some port, but it's not expecting you on it, so it refuses to speak to you. It's expecting the connection via the 
> proxy...
> - Mark
> 11-12-2002 18:38:39, <rad2k at mail.ru> wrote:
> >Hmm In case your reply was for my problem..thanks
> >but that isn't my problem, sorry ;)
> >Since i wrote already that both my client and the other client are on the same LAN and the DC is established using the LAN ip's i dont need to worry about using proxy's 
> either socks or not.
> >My problem is still weird, when a mirabilis client on the other side
> >of the LAN has a proxy configured to connect to the icq server, after opening a socket THROUGH THE LAN, the remote mirabilis client will ignore my DC packets.
> >
> >Doesn't matter if you still don't understand wtf is going on since
> >as soon as possible ill continue trying to make this lovely
> >protocol work.
> >
> >t/c
> >
> >/rad2k
> >
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