[icq-devel] Rate Limits - SNACs 1/06 1/07 and 1/08

Zoe Smale skyerat at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 4 18:54:15 CET 2002

> While in the middle of a session with the ICQ server, I invoked a new 1/06
to request my rate information again, but now the value which you call
"Start Level" seems to have a
> different value. I suggest renaming it to "Current Level", since it's
decreasing while sending SNACs and increased when requesting the rate
information after a time of
> silence.

Yes, that does make sense. I just called it the Start Level because
technically speaking you are only supposed to be sending SNAC 1/06 at the
start of a session. However, when receiving SNAC 1/0A, which can happen at
any time, and which shares the same structure, that value is actually used
to reset your current level. In that packet, naming it "Current Level" would
be more appropriate, but the details are slightly different if I remember
correctly. Anyway, I'll explain that later when I get around to doing SNAC

> Also, I don't get the point of the value "Start State", since it seems to
be 114 with me, and you only told about a state 1, 2 and a 3.

To be honest, I have no idea. It could be a version 8 thing (I don't know
what version of the protocol you are using), or it could just be that I
don't fully understand the value. What I do know is that ICQ v7 compares
that value with 1 when calculating your initial state for the first time. If
the value is set to 1 it assumes you are in the "limited" state as far as
the new state calculation is concerned. Anything other than 1 means you are
not "limited".


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