[icq-devel] *.clb files...

Alexandr V. Shutko AVShutko at mail.khstu.ru
Wed Dec 4 04:38:20 CET 2002

Hello Remy,
Wednesday, December 4, 2002, 12:49:10 PM, you wrote:

RL> If you try opening one up, you'll find that it is just
RL> a simple text file (for the most part), where each
RL> line represents a different contact, in the following
RL> formatting:

RL>     <group name>;<uin>;<nickname>;

Where were my eyes :)
I should look into it before ask :)

RL> The only trick is that each line is terminated with a
RL> CRCRLF sequence (0x0D 0x0D 0x0A) instead of the
RL> standard CRLF (0x0D 0x0A), or just a CR (0x0D), or
RL> just a LF (0x0A).

With respect,
Alexandr V. Shutko                           mailto:AVShutko at mail.khstu.ru

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