[icq-devel] Protocol Databases (was Re:Offline messages info)

Zoe Smale skyerat at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 2 22:48:24 CET 2002

> There are packets that have links to other packets; those links are simply
> HTML, which can be put into the comment field (most fields don't allow
> but the comment field and the packet description does).

That's better than nothing, but it's not a particularly feasible solution.
Consider the example I mentioned. The user data structure has more than a
dozen items of information it and it's shared between 7 different SNACs
(although admittedly half of those probably aren't worth documenting).
However, can you really imagine someone adding a bunch of HTML comments to
try and link those all together? Can you imagine anyone that wanted to
update one of those fields following the links to all the other places it
occurs to update it there as well?

As it currently stands each TLV is documented differently in every SNAC that
it occurs (the same basic explanation, but some aren't as good as others).
Some of them are even marked as unknown in one packet, but correctly
documented in another. None of them are linked. Nobody is going to take the
time to try and fix that mess when they can just post a simple explanation
of the structure to the mailing list with a list of the SNACs where it is

The real solution would for you to restructure your database to take that
sub-structure into account, or automatically cross link any changes in one
place to another (although in the case of the user data structure, there
needs to be some SNAC specific documentation for each TLV as well).

What I'm trying to get at here is that it should be the responsibility of
the database maintainers to add the data to their databases. If that means
restructuring, or cross linking or adding new tutorials then that's what
they should do (and that's something that nobody else can do). Let the
people researching the information post it to the mailing list or whatever
is most convenient for them. Everyone is immediately aware of the new info,
anyone else can comment on it, and they can leave the problem of getting the
info into the database up to you.


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