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Mon Dec 2 21:33:39 CET 2002

>--[Zoe Smale]--<skyerat at hotmail.com>

> > > How do you explain to the database the sequence
> > > of packet exchanges that take place to achieve a
> > > specific function in the protocol?
> > Set asside a separate table with a list of
> > cross-references to the existing records for each
> > individual packet.
> Is there such a table in the existing databases, and is there any way for
> anyone to write to it?

There is the login tutorial (or actually: just login list). If there is
demand for a new list, I do have a working email address to send HTML to.

But it's true that it is not really part of the database.

> > > How do you explain to the database that you're
> > > pretty sure that a certain item means something,
> > > but you're not positive?
> > Include extra fields for comments and such.
> I think there probably are comment fields of some sort in the existing
> databases, so this at least is technically possible. But imagine I were to
> add some new information with a comment about my uncertainty. Do you think
> anyone would even notice? What if I posted the same data to the list and
> somebody on the list knew for a fact that I was wrong or could confirm that
> I was right. See the difference?

You can do both: add it with a comment and ask. There is a difference, but
that lies in the different use for the list vs the database. The database
is for lookup, the mailing list for questions.

> > > How do you explain to the database, that SNACs
> > > 01/0F, 01/10, 02/06, 02/14, 03/0B, 03/0C and 04/07
> > > all share the same user info structure?
> > Again, cross-references, with maybe some server-side
> > scripting to pre-read the database record and resolve
> > the cross-references before sending the final data to
> > the browser.
> Once again, does such a structure exist in any of the current databases that
> other people can access? If it does, I certainly didn't see any way to do
> it. That was the main reason I never bothered adding any of my information
> to the databases.

There are packets that have links to other packets; those links are simply
HTML, which can be put into the comment field (most fields don't allow HTML,
but the comment field and the packet description does).

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