[icq-devel] putting a users away message on a webpage

Massimo Melina rejetto at libero.it
Mon Aug 12 15:29:34 CEST 2002

Thursday, May 30, 2002, 1:19:44 AM, Remy wrote:

RL> Even  then,  I don't know how the away message actually works, but
RL> it  has  to  be  in  the  ICQ protocol somewhere (most likely as a
RL> still-undocumented  command) since ICQ itself can display a user's

it is documented for sure in my doc at www.rejetto.com/icq
I  must admit it was not so clear, so i tried to improve clearness for
the  next  release  of the doc. you send SNAC(4,6) for request and get
SNAC(4,7) as reply I call them auto messages, cause the same method is
used for all other statuses.
These are msg-type to use for auto messages:

    E8    plain          auto-msg, use this for away status
    E9    plain          auto-msg, use this for occupied status
    EA    plain          auto-msg, use this for N/A status
    EB    plain          auto-msg, use this for DND status
    EC    plain          auto-msg, use this for free4chat status

  note: E8-EC values are used for both request and reply
        requesting you have to refer to the status of the contact
        repling you have to refer to your own status

I   read   Micheal  was  interested  also  in  ICQAPI.  My  client  at
www.rejetto.com/&RQ  supports  plugins (dll), but like ICQAPI does not
have  any  function  to  retrieve  the  away  msg...at the moment. The
difference is: i can add it in few minutes, and i will, cause it is an
interesting  function.  Thus if you are interested you can try working
with  it  and i will help you having the function you need. I can't do
it  now because i'm not home (holydays). There is also a "devel" forum
for &RQ at www.rejetto.com/forum


this  is  true while the client is ICQv7+, never digged into the older
protocols,  but  i'm  afraid  away msgs were available only via direct

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