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Wed Aug 7 14:26:07 CEST 2002

> you might consider using a real name and posting plain text instead of

Sorry :) I normally do, but I'm just recovering from a reformat. It's easy
to forget that outlook is set to HTML mode by default.

> Ehem - the most current protocol database is here:

Yeah - actually that's been very helpful. I did know about that. Should have
mentioned that.

> As in what? Yes, if the datatype is e.g. "WORD", it is network order (big
> endian). Long endian is marked e.g. "WORD.L". SNAC(21,2) and SNAC(21,3)
> SNAC(0x15,0x2) and SNAC(0x15,0x3 if you prefer) are communication with the
> old server and contain long endian stuff. Strings are often stored as

Yeap, that's what I've been doing. LNTS seemed obvious enough.

> Maybe post what it actually sends? (or the complete sequence of packets
> send/received)

Sure. I'll make it dump the packet tomorrow morning.

> >    It'd disconnect me if my sequence was incorrect, right?
>Possibly, but it's not overly critical.

So it generally won't complain as long as you don't double up sequence
numbers, within reason?

> Thanks. (Though I guess you didn't think of me)

No, I did actually. Didn't mean to single people out, sorry! Just reading
the whole icq-devel archive has been useful, as well.

Rohan Harris

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