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Hey everyone :)

I'm just starting out (relatively speaking) trying to work with the ICQ protocol, and thanks to two of the most legible open-source projects around & stricq.com I'm beginning to figure out how things work.

Anyway, I'm not entirely certain just what I'll do once I've figured all this out yet, but I suppose I'm working on a client of sorts.

I've hit a few snags, and I was wondering if anyone could give me a hand. I've read through alot of the digests from icq-devel, and have the source for miranda and ysm (thanks rad2k!) on hand. They've been helpful, but nobody's source code is entirely legible to every other coder on earth, so, oh well :)

My first question ... is there any circumstance where something isn't converted into network notation before being sent in a packet? As in

The next relates to where I'm presently stumped.

So far my client connects to the auth server, gets the flap, the 0001, and sends off a valid login request. I receive the cookie and new server no problems, send the disconnection packet and then reconnect to the new server.

I send the cookie no problems, and then receive the SRV_FAMILIES packet. Now, this is rather interesting because what I get seems to be a tiny bit different to what is documented everywhere - I assumed this was just the way the server worked and ignored it, and went into writing up the response packet.

FLAP header, SNAC header, and then the family data.

It disconnects me the moment it receives my data. I've double-checked everything that I can think of it, but it keeps doing it.

Different clients seem to send different data here - I used the same data that Doug McLaughlin's documented icq2001 login uses.

When it didn't work I tried making my own based on the families it sends in the SRV_FAMILIES, but ugh... to cut a long story short I've tried all sorts of things, including desperately cutting-and-pasting that bit of rad2k's code into my own client to see if that worked. It didn't :)

So, any ideas?

It'd disconnect me if my sequence was incorrect, right?


Anyway, thanks to all of you who document your efforts or just make it open-source :) You all rock.

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