[icq-devel] ROSTER: How to add UIN (which has the authorization set)

Wolfgang Illmeyer wolfgang.illmeyer at gmx.net
Mon Aug 5 08:50:17 CEST 2002

But isn't there a way to upload an existing contact list to the server? When
I first uploaded my old contacts with the official client, nobody asked me
for any athorization requests then....


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Not for the server-side roster, no.  That "magic" was
strictly a client-side only bypass, performed by
binary-editing either the ICQ executable itself or the
databasse files directly.  Which you can't perform on
the server side, so it is able to enforce it's rules
as intended.


--- icq2000cc <icq2000cc at hobi.ru> wrote:

> Ok, it's all right. I knew this standart way.
> Does exist the 'magic' way to add UIN without
> any notification to this one ?

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