[icq-devel] ROSTER: How to add UIN (which has the authorization set)

icq2000cc icq2000cc at hobi.ru
Sun Aug 4 21:12:00 CEST 2002

Hello, All
Who knows, how to add UIN (which has the authorization set)
into Server Side ROSTER, without the authorization and any notifications to this UIN ?

i am trying to do this so:

Client: snac(13,11)
Client: snac(13,8) // add UIN record
Server: snac(13,E) (000E - what does it mean ????????)
Client: snac(13,9) // update selected GROUP
Server: snac(13,E) (0000 - Ok)
Client: snac(13,12)

and i have error code - 000E.

Alexander Vaga

mailto:icq2000cc at hobi.ru

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