[icq-devel] ICQ Protocol Documentation Stategies

Remy Lebeau gambit47 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 19 03:25:38 CEST 2002

Ah, then that must explain why half the time I'm referring to your
documentation during my clone development, I can't access your site for
periods at a time

Have you ever considered moving your site to an actual provider?  I myself
use Brinkster for my sites, I get ASP with access to both MSAccess and
SQLServer databases.


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> Yes, I run the website on my own home computer.  It's just fun!  And
> I get good marks on job interviews when I mention that I run my own
> website.  WinXP has taken to crashing a lot lately, and I was down for
> a couple weeks with hardware problems, and then I caused my site to
> get flooded with downloads when I put some 300+ MB mpg's online.
> But most of all that is past now.  Although, the v8 protocol pages are
> unreachable when I boot into AmigaOS using Amithlon.  I do all my
> STRICQ development using Amithlon.  Its the fastest Amiga I own.  :-)

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