[icq-devel] libicq2000 0.3.0 released

Barnaby Gray bgrg2 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Apr 18 16:29:43 CEST 2002

On Wed, Apr 17, 2002 at 08:48:17PM -0300, rad2k wrote:
> YSM is by now a console client and ill turn it into a library as
> soon as possible, yes, i was able to develop Buddy List functions
> which took me lots of mother f****ng hours and still need some
> improvement. Right now im fixing some small Uploading problems.

Cool, that's good work. It'd be good to get some docs back into the
community maybe on the stricq site or something as implementations
alone aren't the ideal way of spreading the knowledge.

> I'll be glad to help with your C++ Library, as long as we
> synchronize -somehow- our work since any updates i make will have to
> be made in the c++ library too.

I wasn't thinking of anything as specific as tying them together
particularly.. you know just sharing information - there's a vast
amount of work being done on the protocol for the various clients out
there and what I consider to be a huge amount of duplication and
wasted effort, and stuff isn't so openly shared.. which is meant to be
what opensource is all about. Still I guess documenting is always the
boring part :-(

For example, I think the gnomeicu team had got a considerable way
towards server-based lists a while ago.. but it seems you ended up
duplicating this effort because the information wasn't openly
documented and shared (I don't count sourcecode hidden away on a cvs
server somewhere documenting it openly). Is there anyone from gnomeicu
on this list?

Part of the reason I see behind this is the race in the competition
between clients.. what with the new protocol being absolutely
necessary to survival now, developers are falling over themselves to
be the first to get theirs fully working again. I don't think this
competition is beneficial in the long term, hence why I've always
coded my protocol implementation as a separate library and have pushed
for other people to use it too.

> That is why I would recommend that you wait until i find my
> functions stable enough, and therefore we make sure they get to be
> part of libicq c++ , each carrying my credits/copyrights as any
> project owner deserves .

Well I'm not looking to copy sourcecode - I guess libicq2000's license
(LGPL) might not agree with yours (GPL?) anyway, but that's what I
chose. Sure I'll credit anyone who put the hard effort into decoding
it, but the copyright goes to the person who wrote the C++ code and
put it into library.

The other idea I had was to implement it in a language to appeal to
the lowest common denominator (C) and then code wrappers for
higher-level languages.. much like the work of the gtkmm project
wrapping the gnome libraries. But I've started in C++ so that's what
I'm sticking too.

> Well I'm glad I can help, I first felt like i was 'reinventing the
> wheel', but daily incoming mails from YSM users uncovered the truth
> which keeps YSM alive and kickin'.

Yep.. if you're doing it for any reason, doing it for your users is
the best reason I can think of.

Enough rambling..


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