[icq-devel] Win32 protocol library

Michael Duff miguel222 at mindless.com
Fri Apr 12 12:13:20 CEST 2002


I have taken a look at Miranda (version 0121), attempted to compile it,
etc., with no luck.  First off, it requires icqlib (which I know does
not work) yet it does not explain anywhere exactly what the layout of
the icqlib installation should be, nor does it tell me which version to
use, etc.

Furthermore, huge portions of the Miranda32 code have syntax errors and
refuse to compile under Visual C++.  It amazes me that there exists a
binary version of the project.

Which version of the ICQ protocol is Miranda supposed to speak? (another
crucial bit of info the sources did not let me in on)

C'mon... There has GOT to be a working client library out there


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Look at Miranda ICQ, it's a Win32 open source clone that's written in C



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> Are there any Win32 / Visual C++ ICQ protocol libraries available
> which provide the same quality interface that Ickle does?

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