[icq-devel] security flaw

Micha armageddon at raydan.de
Wed Apr 10 17:39:56 CEST 2002

How does this bug work ?
Is it a normal SNAC or is it over DC ?


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> cut&paste of a piece of my reply to the icq support team
> IO> We apologize but currently such an option is unavailable.
> what option?
> it  was  not  a question but a statement. icq servers let other people
> know  if  i'm online, also in invisible mode, cause of a security flaw
> in  the  protocol. that is, everyone is able to know if another UIN is
> really online, also in invisible mode.
> Of  course  ICQ  client  doesn't say it, but with other software it is
> possible. But no additional software is really needed, for an advanced
> user, only watch data exchanged with the server.
> I hope this security flaw will be fixed, and i'm available to explain
> better if you need it. Please, is an important privacy matter.
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> Massimo Melina
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