[icq-devel] Import existing contact list

Herwin Jan Steehouwer steehouwer at kde.org
Tue Apr 9 18:08:22 CEST 2002


KXicq has now support for import the contact list from the server, it can add/rename and remove
contacts, authorize etc.

the only thing i can't get to work is to import my existing list:

Adding contacts that need auth are imported OK
Adding contacts that no need authorization are imported OK
but.. contacts that need Auth. but have authorized me, are recjected with return of 0x03 ( need auth. )
but the contacts already have authorized me.. 

how can i add those to the contact list with re-request authorization ?


Herwin Jan Steehouwer
  herwin at steehouwer.nu               KXicq: http://www.kxicq.org
  steehouwer at kde.org              KDE developer: http://www.kde.org 

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