[icq-devel] Thoughts on Jabber alike server in java

Jannick Bitsch jannick at chefen.dk
Sun Sep 30 22:57:21 CEST 2001


I've just recently joined this list in order to get some help (hopefully in time be able to help others as well :-)) in my development of a jabber alike server in java. The goal for my project is to build a java server that can act as a "gateway" for multiple senders connection with fx telnet. I've been studying the v5 protocol and got some questions. As far as I understood each normal ICQ client listens on serveral tcp ports in order to create client-client connections for different services like chat, messages etc. If this was to be done on a server running fx 1000 clients simmultaniously it would be really resource demanding and with a certain number of client impossibel. Since I do not wish my server to support anything else but online/offline status and messages (means no chat and the other special services) it would be practical to send all the messages over the server.

My considerations therefore go on wether or not the protocol gives possibility to signal that the client do not wish to recieve tcp connection? Can you just signal that you are listening on port aaaa and then just ignore all incomming request? I hope that you can answer these question and perhaps share some thoughts about such server should be constructed, and thereby if Im totally wrong in my considerations.


Jannick B
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