[icq-devel] introduction + ICQ V5 delivery problem question

Sami K Makinen skmakine at cc.helsinki.fi
Sat Sep 29 23:00:38 CEST 2001

Hi, I just joined this list, and I'm trying to not piss anybody off with
spam, so below you can read none/any/all parts of what I have to say:

Who I am:
  I'm this dude from Finland, I'm really a 3D artist but I do some coding
in my unfortunately rather limited spare time

What I'm doing:
  I'm making this Modular Open-Source Java Instant Messenger with a friend
of mine, and one of the protocols I'm working on is ICQ. If somebody is
interested in hearing more about the software, or perhaps even joining the
team, just email me.

What my problem is:
  Lately it seems like ICQ has been having problems delivering messages
that are send via the server instead of client-to-client. Some of the
messages are simply lost even though the server ACKs them. I'm using
Henrik Isakssons ICQ V5 protocol definition as a base for my protocol
plugin, but the same problem exists also with MICQ and Mirabilis ICQ99b.

Have any of you also seen this problem?
Do you know how to solve this problem, or what causes this problem?
Any background info on this problem?
Is there an ICQ2000 protocol specification anywhere?


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