[icq-devel] v7 questions..

raddy rad2k at mail.ru
Sat Sep 8 19:16:02 CEST 2001

Hey there..

I started with the v7 linux client project a few days ago, and uhm found 
some of AIM stuff messy and bothering. Id be coding the client in C 
maybe C++ , especially for a linux console.

The client might not be serious..i dunno, it will be for anyone whos in 
the mood for it, maybe not, i still dont know as you may see what im 
trying to code :).

Well ive met TLV's, ive searched the internet for a TLV library but 
found none, how are you guys handling TLVS? ive seen some protocols such 
as smnp using it, ipv6 too, and i dont really like the idea of coding a 
whole TLV library. That would require c++ and make a TLV class such as 
"Cstrings" where i can have constructors destructors and "add string" 
functions. any ideas?

Plus, uhm how are you guys making each packet? The login structure has 
many TLVs inside so you just declare a login struct with TLV members and 
thats how you are using it? Doesnt seem too dynamic since everything 
would be hardcoded inside the structure, i really dislike the idea.

V7 is actually a new paradigm.

Well, see you around buddies list! (joke).


uh, btw, ive seen Massimo's client and http server screenshots..and 
believe me youll finish using his stuff under windows rather than those 
ugly 2000b clients out.

Plus! an extra question i just came up with, what about the new client? 
Isnt mirabilis making a beta client already that shouldnt be released? 
Will it be a fucking new protocol change? Cause thatd drive me PRETTY 


cya around.


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