[icq-devel] Announcement: jcq2k project: uses icq2000 protocol

Filippov Joe joe at idisys.iae.nsk.su
Thu Sep 6 13:54:56 CEST 2001

Greetings everyone, 

I've just published my bit of stuff called 'jcq2k'... It's
primary goal is to hack the TCP/IP-based ICQ2000 protocol.
Implemented in Java. Status: working alpha. 

Features currently implemented: logging in and out of the
ICQ server, sending/receiving of the text, contacts, and
status messages, and receiving of the url messages.

Receiving of offline messages still doesn't work at the

License: LGPL. 

The jcq2k project homepage:

The code is extremely dirty, but it still can be used as an
ICQ2000 protocol docs.  And it works. 

Participation is appreciated :)

joe random.          http://hum.da.ru/       icq: 26500286

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