[icq-devel] Tools to figure out ICQ protocol

Massimo Melina rejetto at libero.it
Wed Nov 28 06:30:39 CET 2001

Hello Dev-Null,

Monday, November 19, 2001, 6:25:43 AM, you wrote:

DN> I  was  wondering  if  anyone could point me to the tools they use
DN> when  figuring out the ICQ protocol. IE: HexEditor, packet snooper
DN> etc...

i'm actually using the "dumping icq" i made, on icqv7.cjb.net however,
i'm  working  on  another  project,  a socks5 proxy, dumping datas. it
seems  to  work  after only 2 days of work, but i made few tests and i
need to improve it.


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