[icq-devel] v5 yes? no? (am I looking at upgrading to v7)

Steve Youngs youngs at xemacs.org
Mon Nov 26 18:26:37 CET 2001

Hi people!

I've just gotten back from a 2 month exile from the net (read hardware
failure that I couldn't afford to fix).  I'm plowing my way through
user complaints saying that they can't send and or receive messages.

Did some testing:  I get the same thing, messages aren't getting

Did some reading of this list:  The general census is that v5 either
has been or soon will be dropped.

Does this mean that I am going to have to learn and implement v7 into
my client?  Or is there life in v5 yet (although currently definitely
not working)?

BTW, I still haven't gotten around to implementing direct connections
with my client yet, so everything goes through the server.

Thanks to anyone who can clear this up for me.

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