[icq-devel] active list proxy.

Peter Cortens peter.cortens at pandora.be
Sun Nov 25 01:35:40 CET 2001

Hello all,

I'm working since a month on an ICQ active list proxy. The main feature is to capture active list broadcasts/chat messages and to post these on a website.

I give, for those interested, an overview of what i'm doing and what i found out.

    The proxy is setup this way :

        ICQ server(s)            <=>                
                                                Proxy <=> Active list server
        List participants        <=>            

    For now, the active list has to use a static port in order for my proxy to capture participant<=>active list communication, but i'm
    working to make it dynamic.

The active list server, typically installed on the list manager's PC is itself an ICQ client (with different interfaces then a regular ICQ client), most likely built upon an 99x but it uses UDP for all communication (so it doesn't use for example TCP regarding participants).

For the active list server <=> ICQ server communication, the V5 protocol is used with only one extra command on each side (1780 - participant login) and some extra meta user sub-commands (i didn't figure them out allready). 

For the active list server <=> participant communication (so also over UDP) it uses, as i see it, a specific protocol. Well, maybe a specific protocol ; i didn't look into the newer protocols, and frankly i don't have to, because the AL<=>participant communication is not encrypted whatsoever. how strange :)

So, in the next post i give some samples of the AL<=>participant communication because i like to figure out in detail how this protocol is setup and i know there must be good number crunchers around here. For now, i have allready enough insight in this protocol to succesfully filter UIN's, some commands and broadcast/chat message bodies.

!!! The project is not a hacking or spam tool ; i like active list participation and want to offer some extra's to serious active list managers. 

I posted to this list just to see if anyone else works on active lists (tools) and wants to join me.


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