[icq-devel] V7 Invisible Mode

Remy Lebeau gambit47 at gte.net
Fri Nov 23 18:15:48 CET 2001

Had you previously sent any messages or other events to those contacts who
are then seeing your invisible status?  If you did, then they would see your
status.  The Invisible List, on the other hand, is a way to force
invisibility against ICQ's default behaviors.  Such was the case in v5 as


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Subject: [icq-devel] V7 Invisible Mode

> 1. When I set the status to invisible other users are able to see the
invisible status.  For
> example, in the icq 2000b client it shows up as the correct status, but I
am still visible
> to that client (i.e., it's the eye inside the flower icon).
> 2. If I explicitly put someone on the invisible list then it behaves as
expected - they can't
> see me.
> In V5 whenever you changed status to invisible you appeared offline to
whoever wasnt
> on your visible list.  I would expect the behavior here to be the same.
Any thoughts ?

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