[icq-devel] my client

Flavio C. Prado flavio_prado at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 23 12:34:48 CET 2001

Hello everyone,

There is a very good Perl module by Robin Fisher in 

See ya

Flávio C. Prado
flavio_prado at hotmail.com

>On Fri, Nov 23, 2001 at 12:09:05PM +0300, Stanislav Los wrote:
> > Hello Massimo,
> >
> > MM> here is my client: www.rejetto.com/&RQ
> > MM> it's intended only for beta-testers.
> > MM> i only don't want to keep it secret anymore, but i want to fix as 
> > MM> bugs as possible before it gets very visible, so at the moment i
> > MM> wouldn't agree too much advertisement.
> > MM> It's not open-source.
> >
> > What about other projects? Did anybody realise v7 protocol compatibility 
> > own open-source projects?
> >
>My project ickle is GPLed.
>The library part of it, libicq2000, is also opensource, written in C++
>and available for anyone to develop a client around - it's GUI toolkit
>independant as well.
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