[icq-devel] Onlinestatus?

Flavio C. Prado flavio_prado at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 22 11:48:05 CET 2001

Hi everyone,

I know this message was posted a while ago, but looking over my backlogged 
e-mails I discovered it...

It seems the wwp.icq.com server does not accept HTTP/1.0 requests. However, 
fopen from PHP uses exactly that version to make requests.
I think you could make a socket interface simulating a request like IE of 
Netscape would make...

See you all,

Flávio C. Prado
flavio_prado at hotmail.com


Hi all,

I'm doinga small PHP-thingie, where I need to change some text based on my
website on wether my ICQ-client is online or offline. Is there any way of
"reading" an icq-users status from my php-doc? Either if someone has a small
php-thinige to read it (:-) or ?

In the "old day" I would read the size of the image I can get from
www.icq.com saying wether an ICQ-no is online or offline, but they've
changed the way they "serve" the image.. :/

$imgPath = 'http://wwp.icq.com/scripts/online.dll?icq=69944381&img=1';

Heelp! :)

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