[icq-devel] icqv7 ack to type-2 message?

Massimo Melina rejetto at libero.it
Mon Nov 19 08:06:26 CET 2001

Hello Steve,

Saturday, November 17, 2001, 5:11:33 AM, you wrote:

SC> Is  it  use  SNAC(4,B)  to do the ack packet?

nope, it acks type-2 messages only (SNAC 4,06/4,07)

SC> also  what should the packet content about? as i read from Massimo
SC> Melina  ICQv7proto.txt  and  i  follow  it,  but  i  can't make it
SC> success.

i rewrote info about 4,0B lately
take a look now

SC> when  i  send a message from icq2000b, it will hold the dialog and
SC> disappear until i make my test icqv7 program offline.

cause you don't send a good 4,0B

SC> Below  is  the  advanced  type-2  message  content i received from
SC> icq2000b  client:  00 04 00 07 00 00 96 3F 35 56 5F 05 90 00 A7 02

at the moment i don't have the time, let me know if the doc now is


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