[icq-devel] v2 proto still in use?

Remy Lebeau gambit47 at gte.net
Mon Nov 19 04:07:12 CET 2001

It's not officially abandoned as of yet, but the servers are currently
having many problems with the older protocols lately, both v2 and v5 are
having problems.  Rumor has it, AOL's trying to phase them out in favor of
v7 used with 2000/2001 (in preparation of merging ICQ and AIM), but it's
only a rumor.  But the server problems are very much reality at the moment.


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Subject: [icq-devel] v2 proto still in use?

> ive gotten the login and contact list packets to work
> with the server using the v2 protocol, so my client
> can login and receive information for the contacts on
> my list ... but other packets dont seem to work ...
> does this mean v2 is abandoned and not in use anymore?

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