[icq-devel] Login Problems using V7 Protocol

Terry Berman tberman at cox.rr.com
Mon Nov 12 03:04:43 CET 2001

I am in the process of updating my java icq client from v5 to v7.

I have now built the code that performs the login, but I am having troubles.  Perhaps someone has some insight that can help.

I have checked my code and I am following the precise sequence identified in the document.  The fact that I am able to get a complete login sequence to work all the way through (about half the time) is encouraging.  However, the other half of the time the icq server closes down the socket.  It always happens in the same place.
Here is the problem:

When I send snac (1,17) along with the 32 bytes of data, i then go and pick up the server response snac(1,18).
About half the time the server sends back exactly the sequence shown in the document.  The other half of the time it shuts down the connection. 

Any Ideas ?


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