[icq-devel] wired things are going on :)

daniel daniel at skywebs.net
Thu Nov 8 16:28:08 CET 2001

> i'm not sure i understood this :/
> however, i started documenting icq2001, you could have some idea
> check new doc at ICQv7.cjb.net
> -rejetto

I am using your documentation already. As I said, I am working at an ICQ
"Server". But ICQ2001b does NOT send the whole contact list to the
server it is connected to at the beginning of each session - I think
this is because the ICQ Servers save the users' contact lists in its
I am searching for a way to tell the server (or to request) the contact
list (used by "the" icq server) with 2001b Clients and "my" server.


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