[icq-devel] v5 abandoned?

Massimo Melina rejetto at libero.it
Wed Nov 7 23:11:06 CET 2001

Hello Perry,

Wednesday, November 07, 2001, 5:58:14 PM, you wrote:

>>It supports messages, urls and sms's, setting and viewing status's,
PW> Do  you have sucess sending URLs to ICQ2000 clients? I'm currently
PW> having  some problems with this. Sending URLs thru server to my V5
PW> client works fine but the ICQ2000 client never receives it.

why you guys want to send urls instead of messages with urls ?
i  think it's a shit that icq keeps from older version, maybe cause it
didn't support url recognition within messages. my lib is able to send
urls  but  i  think  they  are  a  useless complication (and my client
doesn't use it).


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