[icq-devel] v5 abandoned?

samir namér samir.n at gate24.pi.se
Wed Nov 7 14:30:38 CET 2001

::: Edward Di Geronimo Jr. :::

> On Wed, 7 Nov 2001, William T Wilson wrote:
>> You can still login with it, deal with contact lists, etc. and use
>> client-to-client TCP, just offline messages are in the scrubber.
> That's not all. My friends are telling me that a lot of the time I'll
> up as offline to them, regardless of my status mode. That's using the
> offical 99b client.

I've been running Miranda for a while and it's been working fine... til
last week... now the v5 servers seem to be f**ked up... messages won't
arrive, online status is messy, sometimes there are problems even
sending a message to the server... (it doesn't ACK it)

So I think it's more or less being abandoned... I installed icq2001b now
to test it, but if anyone make a good v7 client I'd love to test it...


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