[icq-devel] wired things are going on :)

daniel daniel at skywebs.net
Tue Nov 6 22:18:27 CET 2001

I am still working at my ICQ Server ... I noticed that ICQ 2001b clients
send all few seconds snac(15,02) and type 3E00 - but this is an ACK to
offline messages (see massimo's notes). I am not quite sure about it.

Another thing is: I am doing a server, well. But how do I get once
contact list into the server's database? ICQ2001b does not send the
whole list to the server since it is saved in the regular ICQ database.
Is there any kind of command that the server can send to request the
contact list from a client? I surfed through the ICQ binaries with
ResHacker and I noticed an "upload contact list" dialog - since I am
stupid I cannot find it in my ICQ :)

Please help :)

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