[icq-devel] New List and very soon to be new version of Icq2000 perl mod

Robin Fisher robin at phase3solutions.com
Tue Nov 6 01:30:10 CET 2001

Hey all,
After the number of hassels I've had from people wanting more functions in 
my ICQ2000 Perl mod, I've decided (with some prompting from Keith Pitcher ) 
to create a mailing list dedicated to the Mod.

Since it's not really a large programing project, I've only created it on 
yahoo groups, but they do provide all the stuff needed (eg message archive..).

So if you want to help develop the mod, or want to keep up to date with it, 
please join the list at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ICQ2000_Perl_Mod_Dev_List
(once your on the list, u don't need to visit the site, so u don't have to 
get any ads.. : )

Also, again thanks to Keith Pitcher, there will be a new version of the mod 
out very soon, which will have white pages searches, and normal messaging.. 
(I just have to finish a few tests and clean it up a little (sorry I'm a 
bit narky on code layout etc... : ) and get it in order..)

'Obviously, a major malfunction has occurred.' -- Steve Nesbitt, voice of 
Mission Control, January 28, 1986, as the shuttle Challenger exploded 
within view of the grandstands.

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