[icq-devel] New SNAC packet.

Massimo Melina rejetto at libero.it
Mon Nov 5 18:21:58 CET 2001

Hello Perry,

Monday, November 05, 2001, 4:06:47 AM, you wrote:

PW>         I'm receiving the packet below in my logins is anobody receiving some similar?

i  added  that  uin  to  the roaster, and i'm receiving the SNAC(3,A)
packet  too.  aim protocol says "reject notification", and in fact the
snac contains only the uin, no other info.
mistery  is why we can't have notification, cause server databases has
still info about that uin, it replies when i query it.
i could think that it's a privileged uin but
1) it's a spammer, don't think it could be a privileged one, lol
2) icq-staff uins are not privileged, i receive SNAC(3,B)

so, here comes three:
1) it's a spammer, it has been fired in some (never seen) way by AOL
2) it's a feature of icq2001 (that i don't know) that lets you have
some greater privacy
3) you are a clone programmer, it's a icq-staff member that's trying
to get we fool, lol


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