[icq-devel] howdy

Gerke Preußner j3rky at tactical-ops.de
Sat Nov 3 01:49:38 CET 2001

hi all,

i just found the subscribing email address of this list somewhere and i
thought it might be useful to become a part of this list - which, i
hope, is still active :)

im not sure if it's traditional to introduce oneself here, so i'll just
say hello. im a graduating computer science student from germany and
rather than spending endless nights with spying network protocols i
specialized in hacking ICQ databases :)

im currently writing a tool called ICQMerge
and i hope to find some cute ideas and suggestions here... and, of
course, im trying to get to know some other interesting fields of work
in the ICQ scene ;)

happy coding,



http://www.gerke-preussner.de <j3rky at gerke-preussner.de>
http://www.tactical-ops.de <j3rky at tactical-ops.de>

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