[icq-devel] Re: New icq protocols

Filippov Joe joe at idisys.iae.nsk.su
Fri Nov 2 01:54:22 CET 2001

> The oscar protocol is not officially documented, and
> using icq through oscar in linux requires hacking of
> libfaim

This is a bad idea.  Yes, icq2k & aim use the same
foundation protocol, but --

if you want to deal with icq status codes (other than
offline/online), with other features that are not available
in aim (offline messages, urls, contacts, etc etc etc etc),
then libfaim is of no use.  It doesn't have all this stuff. 
Libfaim is only able to login, to receive *some* kinds of
incoming icq online text messages, and to maintain 1 bit of
user status: online/offline.

Other funny thing: icq2001 (it's closed alpha atm) uses
Unicode16 for outgoing messages (which is passed to v5
versions, btw).

icq: 26500286

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