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Douglas McLaughlin stricq at owlnet.net
Mon Dec 31 23:39:32 CET 2001

At 08:58 AM 12/31/2001, you wrote:

>DM> Question: Does ICQ2001 use v8 of the client to server protocol, or
>DM> is  it  still  just the "v7" as we've been calling it and that the
>DM> client  to  client  protocol  is the one that is actually at v8?
>it's  easy  for  he server to distinguish the version of the protocol,
>cause  at  least SNAC 1,02 is different. ICQv8 is a superset of ICQv7,
>but  some feature is duplicated with different SNACs, introduced by v8
>(SNAC  family 13). So if you use v8 you'll use SNAC13 instead of SNAC9
>for certain features.

Ok, I see.  They seem to be trying to do something different with the 
protocol, but are still somewhat in a transitional period.  Close?  Ok, 
then I'll keep calling it v8 and make sure that I specify ICQ2001 clients 
if necessary.


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