[icq-devel] ICQ Protocol Documentation

Douglas McLaughlin stricq at owlnet.net
Mon Dec 31 09:39:06 CET 2001


Well, I've managed to make a lot of changes on my web site dealing with the 
ICQ protocol today.  I've managed to database all the packets sent and 
received that were originally in that html file ICQ2001Dump1.html.  If 
anyone has any comments on the way I described the packets, please let me 
know.  It could really stand to be a lot better.


Question: Does ICQ2001 use v8 of the client to server protocol, or is it 
still just the "v7" as we've been calling it and that the client to client 
protocol is the one that is actually at v8?  I don't find any versioning of 
the client to server protocol at all.  Since I've only actually looked at 
ICQ2001, are there any big differences between it and ICQ2000 that would 
warrant a protocol version change?


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