[icq-devel] [OT] open source

samir namér samir.n at gate24.pi.se
Mon Dec 31 01:24:39 CET 2001

hi there...

> i'd  like  to open sources of my client. it's not that much off topic,
> since if i do it you'll have a good open delphi lib for icqv7 ;)))
> i don't have a good license for me and i'm a bit confused about
> points

i often use the gnu gpl (general public license) for my projects... it's
available at www.gnu.org and it's quite a lot to read but if someone's
interested it's a quite nice license, allowing anyone to use your code,
but still forces people who use your to remain opensource and tell
everyone that the original program is written by you...

> * who's the copyright owner in modified versions?

that's depending on which license you use... when using the gpl, you
remain the copyright holder of _your_ code, and if anyone adds anything,
they are the copyright holders of their additions... but they'll have to
refer to your program and tell people where to find it...

> * can i use pieces of my open project in my closed projects?

if you use the lgpl (library gpl) you (and others) can still use the
code as parts of closed-source programs, even payware...

> * will i always be credited when pieces of my open project are parts
>   of another project?

according to the gpl, yes...

> maybe it would be a good idea to get reply privately, to not bore
> anymore other people. thanks

maybe it's a better idea to reply in public, because this may be an
interesting topic to other coders in this list...


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