[icq-devel] Question regarding ICQ v.7 protocol

Heiko Neuhaus webmaster at qpoll.de
Fri Dec 28 12:49:18 CET 2001

Hi everybody,

im new to icq coding and i just started developing a client for icq2000
(protocol v.7) for windows.
the login process works fine but my client seems not to be logged in
correctly with the server.
Im absoluteley sure that there must be some error with the command sequence
i use but im actually
unable to figure out where the problem is. At this point i am able to
receive messages from other people
but i don´t appear in other peoples contact list (i do send the "set -
available - status"  - snac). I´d be very glad
if one of the experienced icq developers could take a short look at my login
sequence at

thanks alot in advance

Heiko Neuhaus (webmaster at qpoll.de)

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