[icq-devel] netsplits on icq?

Corey Lubin clubin at athenet.net
Mon Dec 24 17:42:18 CET 2001

This happens to me all the time on Miranda ICQ. I don't use Miranda at the
moment, though, as I've been unable to send messages with it for a while.
Eventually, I'll try it again and file a bug report, since ICQ is so uugly.

- Corey Lubin

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> Same issue here. I am running Trillian on my cable (direct connection) and
> have noticed the same issue.
> The same thing also occured when we were using ICQ 2000b in our office. We
> were connected via HTTP Proxy.
> -Alvin
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> Subject: [icq-devel] netsplits on icq?
> hi!
> since i installed 2001b i’ve witnessed some strange behaviour i’m not
> used to on icq...
> many of my online contacts go offline at the same time, and some minutes
> later the
> sounds of “online alert” echo all over my room and the contacts are back
> online…
> sounds to me like what you’d call a netsplit on irc…
> is this simply a result of running icq on a lot of linked servers…?
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