[icq-devel] YSM v7 Linux Console Client BETA IS OUT!

raddy rad2k at mail.ru
Mon Dec 24 05:28:46 CET 2001

For Christmass and to please some of you people that were worshipping 
your Gods
in order to have some of the YSM code in your hands...i present you..YSM 
v7 Beta!.

The Linux console client written in the C language, doesn't require any
external libraries at all!

You may get it from my site at :  http://community.corest.com/~raddy/

or directly the html page at:

I've written some Protocol Information, and Extra information you may 
want to read,
and its all in that html.

I've also written some README and COMMAND documents you will find inside
the Docs directory.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!, I had to do some major changes 
in the last minute
but its all working now!. Hurry up before the server runs out of 
bandwidth! (?).

So..marry happy christmass to you all !

Im planning on adding lots of stuff to the client, thats why its a beta! 
but i believe
it does work pretty well!, Please read all documents ive written by 
myself inside the Docs/


./rad2k [ Argentina, climbing the ICQ mountain!]

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