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Igor Franchuk sprog at online.ru
Fri Dec 21 18:38:16 CET 2001

Hello All,

  I've been running NET::ICQ under XP Pro
  Perl, v5.6.0 built for MSWin32-x86-multi-thread,
  NET::ICQ is of the latest version I've managed to find at sourceforge

  Here is the issue
  NET::ICQ works quite stable when the matter concerns receiving
  events and keeping connection alive but when I'm trying to send
  events with like information requests or outgoing messages
  I observe the the following misbehavior (or am I doing something
  NET::ICQ gets one or none of server replies and then no matter what
  I do in my program it refuses to handle outgoing events. Say I send
  $ICQ->send_event("CMD_INFO_REQ", $params);
  then I get the reply and I send again
  $ICQ->send_event("CMD_INFO_REQ", $params);
  in the best case I got reply on the second event but as a rule
  NET::ICQ starts to ignore all the consequent outgoing events.

  The same thing was when I tried to send automatic replies with it.

  PS: It looks like events handler has a message ID misfunction or
  something like that. It waits the message that will never be
  answered and it ignores all the incoming messages further on.

  I attached an example I wrote. Is there any solution of the problem?
  May be someone has had the same problems?

  Thanks in advance.  

ICQ 700668, c3pomsk at yahoo.com
Golden Telecom Software Department
Best regards,
 Igor                          mailto:sprog at online.ru
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