[icq-devel] client news ;P -- c language library

rk rogerk at pacifier.com
Thu Dec 20 01:39:50 CET 2001

Thank you so much for undertaking such a project! I have no problem with
external libraries, C++, perl, and graphical interfaces, but what I would
really love is exactly what you are working on. I modified the linux
console micq to have my own personal features, but it's becoming
outdated, as you surely know. It'd be great to see a self contained icq v7
for linux console use.

I know being on the cutting edge and trying to figure out all this
stuff is time consuming and tedious. I'm excited to see what becomes of
your project.


On Sun, 16 Dec 2001, raddy wrote:

> Hey guys,
> Well just wanted to let you know my client is doing great heh. I've
> spent yesterday's night coding the Upload contacts/contacts status feature.
> If anyone is wondering why im actually coding a linux console client if
> there's already been new releases of vICQ, centerICQ and Ickle, well my
> idea of a client is a C language console client, free of external required
> libraries and as Barnaby Gray did, I wanted to code the whole thing,
> including the Protocol library.
> Since I've coded my client in different organized .c files moduling/grouping
> each function, I would like to make a LibICQ_v7 out of my Client so that
> anyone using the "C" programming language could easily develop v7-compatible
> sources.
> As far as i know, there only exists an icq v7 library for perl, by Robin
> (which vICQ is using?). and a second library in C++ written for Ickle.
> (that the new centericq is using?).
> If Anyone actually likes my idea, please do let me know, i sometimes
> need some mental support for not -leaving aside- my projects. :).
> Regards
> ./rad (Argentina, climbing the ICQ Mountain)

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