[icq-devel] "lifetime" of a cookie ?

Remy Lebeau gambit47 at gte.net
Thu Dec 20 00:58:11 CET 2001

I have no idea if the servers keep it or not.  When you connect to the
authenticating server, the cookie contains information from it stating that
you're authorized.  Then you disconnect from the authenticating server and
can then pass that cookie around to the other servers you connect to (why
you'd ever want to connect to the ads server, who knows).  But as far as I
know, the cookie is a one-time deal, you can only pass it when you first
connect to a server.  Once disconnected from that server, you need a new
cookie in order to get back in.


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> So cookie haven't lifetime... Do you think server delete it after
> connect... AIM docs says that client also use this cookie to connnect
> to ads servers...

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