[icq-devel] V5: CMD_ACK_MESSAGES

Jan jan at 38degrees.net
Wed Dec 19 21:57:27 CET 2001

On Wed, 19 Dec 2001 18:06:55 +0200
Alex Demchenko <alex at ritlabs.com> wrote:

> Hello Jan,
> 16 Dec 2001, 18:45:26, you wrote:
> J> It seems that this is the problem that we see when we try to delete the offline
> J> messages. It seems to be a calculated value, but it is not static. 
> ICQ sometimes doesn't delete offline messages too, it's server
> problems :(

It is definitly no server problem. It is working with ICQ 99b, which seems to be the only working ICQv5 client at the moment.

I worked on that the last days. It seems that the ICQ servers no longer support a wide range of packets used in all ICQ versions prior ICQ 99b or better version 3.19 of the dll. It also seems that they use the fields we have named "random" for something. I will post a nearly complete list of all deprecated packets that I know in a few days.

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