[icq-devel] Tool for decompiling packets?

Douglas McLaughlin stricq at owlnet.net
Tue Dec 18 02:14:45 CET 2001

At 06:08 PM 12/17/2001, you wrote:
>Im looking for something that can produce something like Douglas 
>McLaughlins dumps.. <http://www.stricq.com/icqv7/icq2001dump1.html>
>And, yeah, Im running MacOS X, so it will have to be a X or unix tool.
>Anyone who has any ideas?

The packets in that file are all layed out by hand, the color, the format, 
everything.  I got the actual hex dumps from a program called 
dumpingicq.exe, which is in Delphi, and thus only on PC.


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