[icq-devel] icq-bot

William T Wilson fluffy at snurgle.org
Mon Dec 17 08:58:41 CET 2001

On Mon, 17 Dec 2001, Hugo Buddelmeijer wrote:

> It happened that after a couple of month it had over 5000 ppl on it's
> contactlist (*), and it seemed that the server didn't like this at
> all, it didn't show who was online, and even worse, the ppl didn't see
> it online when it was, so this raises some questions:

I don't have any experience with such huge contact lists, but I do believe
that the bot not being seen as being online when it thinks it is is the
result of the server deciding that it is up to something fishy and
essentially blackholing it.  This happened to my ICQ bot on a regular
basis.  When you are in this state the server will acknowledge messages
from you, but never act on them, nor send messages to you.

> 2) What is the maximum amount of simultaneous connections from one ip? 

I haven't learned of any.  I've had about 20 simultaneous connections from
one IP and not had trouble.

> And maybe are there any other limitations for bots? Like limit on
> through-server msg's, or sms'es, what the server certainly will have

Messages through server seem to be limited to roughly 20.  The server
keeps a record of how fast you are sending and drops them if you go
over.  Normally in such a case it will simply refuse to acknowledge
them.  Over time the amount of anger the server has with you decreases, I
found that I could send about 20 messages in one burst, or perhaps 5-10
messages per minute, without getting into trouble.  The amount always
varied, I don't know whether this is due to server load or some other

The solution to this is to implement direct-to-client TCP connections
which do not appear to be subject to load restrictions (or if they are,
they are lax enough that it never was a problem for me).

This is all moot now of course :}

> included against spambots (*), or maybe a maximum of ppl that can have
> it on their concact list?

I don't see why there would be a maximum number of people that can have
a particular UIN on their contact list.  This doesn't strike me as easy to
code nor does it interfere with spam, so I don't see why they'd do it.

If you run into trouble with contact list it seems to me that you can
divide the contact list among several bots and have the communicate with
each other the various status updates through an out-of-band (i.e. not
ICQ-related) communication.

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