[icq-devel] icq-bot

Hugo Buddelmeijer hugo at doemaarwat.nl
Mon Dec 17 08:34:24 CET 2001

On Sunday 16 December 2001 22:23, you wrote:
> Hello icq-devel,
>   I'm starting to write an icq bot (using Delphi), if someone is
>   interested, please, mail me :)

I once had an icqbot that could tell you what's on dutch television (probably 
some ppl here know it, some dutch here), it is down at the moment but i want 
to revive it. During it's lifetime i've encountered some problems, on which 
some of this group may have some enlightment.

It happened that after a couple of month it had over 5000 ppl on it's 
contactlist (*), and it seemed that the server didn't like this at all, it 
didn't show who was online, and even worse, the ppl didn't see it online when 
it was, so this raises some questions:

1) What is the amount of ppl that you are allowed to have on your 
contactlist? With v5 i believe the server stopped giving the online status 
after 600 contacts, which i solved by just deleting it's contactlist 
everytime, but with v7/8 the list is stored at the server, so this may be a 
little more tricky

2) What is the maximum amount of simultaneous connections from one ip? 
Because of problem nr1 i decided to make several bots, all with only about 
300 ppl on it's list, but i recently learned here that there is a maximum per 
ip. Not that that is a big problem since the idea was also that i would be 
able to spread the load (too much for my p100) on several machines.

And maybe are there any other limitations for bots? Like limit on 
through-server msg's, or sms'es, what the server certainly will have included 
against spambots (*), or maybe a maximum of ppl that can have it on their 
concact list?

(*) My bot only added ppl who send it a msg first, and replied only to those 
msg's and never on it's own, so it definatly wasn't a spambot. It wasn't even 
commercial of any kind, made it just because the only thing i did back then 
was watching tv and i didn't have a guide ;-)

Maybe some ppl here encountered problems like this before, if so i would 
gladly here about it, since they are a little hard to fix once they occur 
(you can't force ppl to take your bot of their contactlist, only try to 
prevent them from adding it)


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