[icq-devel] client news ;P -- c language library

raddy rad2k at mail.ru
Sun Dec 16 15:58:14 CET 2001

Hey guys,

Well just wanted to let you know my client is doing great heh. I've 
spent yesterday's night coding the Upload contacts/contacts status feature.

If anyone is wondering why im actually coding a linux console client if 
there's already
been new releases of vICQ, centerICQ and Ickle, well my idea of a client 
is a C language
console client, free of external required libraries and as Barnaby Gray 
did, I wanted to code the whole thing, including the Protocol library.

Since I've coded my client in different organized .c files 
moduling/grouping each function,
I would like to make a LibICQ_v7 out of my Client so that anyone using 
the "C"
programming language could easily develop v7-compatible sources.

As far as i know, there only exists an icq v7 library for perl, by Robin 
(which vICQ is
using?). and a second library in C++ written for Ickle. (that the new 
centericq is using?).

If Anyone actually likes my idea, please do let me know, i sometimes 
need some
mental support for not -leaving aside- my projects. :).


./rad (Argentina, climbing the ICQ Mountain)

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